Summer School in Audiovisual Arts and Communication 2014-Crossing the borders with a camera - AudioVisual2014

SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES - Department of Cultural Technology and Communication
30 Jun 2014 to 13 Jul 2014

Andreas Treske

He is an editor, filmmaker, and media artist living in Turkey. He graduated from the University of Television and Film Munich, directing department. From 1992 till 1998 he was a creative art staff at HFF Munich doing extensive research on applied aesthetics for cinema and TV. From 1998 – 2010 he was teaching at the Department of Communication and Design at Bilkent University, Ankara, film and video
production, new media theory; he was the chair of the department from 2005 till 2010. Currently he teaches film production and documentary filmmaking in the Department of Media & Communication at Izmir University of Economics. He participated at international exhibitions of interactive media works, his various short films were screened on international film festivals. His co-directed feature length documentary “Takim boyle tutulur” was screened in Autumn 2005 in more
than 50 Turkish cinemas. In 2008 he was the picture editor of the feature length cinema documentary “Mustafa”, directed by Can Dündar. He was the organizer of the 3rd Video Vortex conference in Ankara and is a corresponding member of CILECT, the international association of Film schools.

In 2013 the Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam published his 20.000 word essay "The inner life of video spheres" as No. 6 of the Network Notebook series.
A detailed filmography can be found in the internet movie database -


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Dr. Yannis Skopeteas

Lecturer in Screenwriting and Direction in 
Digital Audiovisual Arts in the Department of Cultural Technology 
and Communication, University of the Aegean, Greece
 Teaching modules: Camerawork and Audiovisual 
Production, Narrative techniques, Audiovisual Communication in 
Advertising and 
Public Relations, 
Editing of Digital Data.
2002 – present: Screenwriting and direction of
dozens of Corporate Videos, Commercials and
theatrical events on behalf of  Pfizer / Pfizer Hellas,
Coca Cola/3E Hellas, Procter & Gamble, Merck/MSD, Εurobank,
Roche,Novartis, Praktiker, Vodafone, Alcatel, Wrigley,
Kraft / Kraft Foods Hellas,
UCI, Edision, Photovision /Press Photo Publications,
Alfavito, SAP/SAP HELLAS, Sinalco/ IBS Hellas. Award of the
National Competition 2004 Ermis Bronze Award
for the organization and audiovisual support of Pfizer Zithromax
promotional campaign.  
2010‐2011:Screenwriting and Direction 
of a Documentary TV series for the
National Greek Television (ERT) about  the past 
and the present of Greek architecture, titled From 
Callicrates to Kalatrava.
2009 : Screenwriting, direction and production of the documentary film
With stone and soil on behalf of the Museum of Olive Industry in Lesvos.
2008 : Screenwriting, direction and production of the documentary film
Silk, sheer beauty on behalf of the Museum of Silk in Soufli. 
2007 : Screen writing and direction of the documentary film 
Apart from the Olive oil on behalf of the Museum of Olive Oil in Sparti. 
2006: Screen writing and direction of the historical documentary film
The Communal Engine (on behalf of the Museum of Olive Industry in Lesvos)about the establishment ofa communal factory in AgiaParaskevi,
in 1911, and the use of its profits by the people
for refurbishing their old schools. 
2005 :  Screen writing, direction, production and editing of the
ethnological documentary film. A cooper from Pripitsa (on behalf of the Historical Museum of Exohorio in Mani) about the art of
coppery in the western area of Mani, Greece. 
2004 :  Screen writing, direction, camera and editing of the 
social historical documentary film  In Exchange for Five Apartments and One Shop (on behalf of Benaki Museum) about the architectural
and social evolution of Athens as shown in the Greek feature
films of the 20TH  century.
2000: Screenwriting and Direction of the Educational Video 
The social sciences in everyday life  on behalf of  the 
Greek Educational Institute, Athens. 
1998 – 1999 : Screenwriting, direction, camera and editing 
of the art‐documentary film Before Galleries on the work of the veteran Greek photographer Kostas Balafas.  Honorable Prize for best Documentary, Festival of Drama, 1999 and Greek State
Distinction for best Short Film, 1999.


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Nurşen Bakır

Nurşen Bakır was born in 1962 in Iznik, turkey. She was a philosophy student at Hacettepe University in Ankara before she moved to the u.s.a. she studied film and cinema and received the BA degree(Cum Laude, 1991) from City University of New York, City College and the MFA degree(2002) from San Francisco State University. She worked on various productions and companies in the U.S.S, the Netherlands, Turkey and taught at Istanbul Bilgi University (2005-2012). She has made several documentary and experimental films/videos.

Pembe by pembe dv color,   5 min. 2014
Karık (furrow) dv color, 80  min. 2013
Bitmeyen yolculuk (voyage that never ends) super 8mm & dv color, 9 min. 2011,
Köyü kaybettik (we lost the village) dv, color, 20min. 2011
Yola düştük (we hit the road) dv, color, 60min. 2011
Tekel 51  dv, color, 51 min. 2010
Berke vardar super 8mm & 8mm, dv color, 19 min. 2010
Dabbe super 8mm & dv, color, 8 min. 2009,
Gıyaben (in absentia) super 8mm & dv,  b&w, 27 min. 2009
Pipelines (boruhattı)16mm. color, 13 min. 2002
Partisans (partizanlar)16mm. b&w, 12 min. 2001
A waittune (beklemenotası))16mm. color, 19 min. 1998  
Thrift (tutum)16mm. color, 20 min. 1995
Sounds of euphrates (fırat'ın sesleri) 16mm. b&w, 10 min. 1990
Sepio         16mm, color, 28 min. 1998
Dichtweefsel, 16mm, color, 20 min. 1999
Baba dansı    dv color 5min. 2011
Meet the terrorist  at sfsu, 1998






Alex Spathis

Alex Spathis is Head Technician in Editing Image and Sound in the Department of Cultural Technology  and Communication. He has edited hundreds of projects, TVC, documentaries and short films. At the same time, he is  an active musician in the North Aegean Region.


σπαθης small DSC 6551