IOANNIS (YANNIS) SKOPETEAS,  Assistant Professor in Screenwriting and Direction in Digital Audiovisual Arts 

Ioannis (Yannis) has been teaching directing, screenwriting, editing, digital video and audiovisual cultural applications in the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication of the University of the Aegean, Lesvos, Greece and the echnological Institute of Athens, Department of Photography and    Audiovisual Arts since 2002. He holds an MA in 'Image and Communication‘ from Goldsmiths University of London and a Ph.D. conducted on a state scholarship, from the University of Westminster. He has written a monograph on ‘The camcorder and the audio-visual recording’ taught in three Greek Universities at the present, a book about storytelling in fiction film. He is co-editor of the volume ​‘Documentary, another reality’ and  author of several book chapters taught in Greek universities, scientific articles in journals and in conferences and dozens of articles on photographic and audiovisual issues in wider circulation magazines. He has written the script and directed 28 documentaries of a special scientific interest, in collaboration with other University professors and scientists. The documentaries are screened at various festivals, conferences and the Greek National Broadcaster, and some of them play at this time in Greek museums, as approved by the relevant committees. He has also written and directed more than 100 professional audiovisual works (advertising, corporate, short films). 



 Founder and owner of 2K Films, works as Director,Producer, Line Producer and Advisor in the production of numerous features, documentaries and TVCs in many international award winning co-productions. He has collaborated with several international partners, among them ARTE, ERT, ZDF, TVNZ, Moovie the art of Entertainment GmbH, UFA, Solferino Images/Quartier Latin Media, Taglicht Media, Telefilm Saar, WDR, Pantaleon Films and EBU. He has also attended several conferences, amongst others as a participant at the Annual Meetings of the EBU Fiction Executives in Venice and Lucerne. Since December of 2008 he is a member of the European Expert's Delegation at the International Producer’s Day held within the International Producer’s Day held within the GZDOC in Guangzhou, China and he is certified by EACEA for the Media Program of the European Union as a Media Expert since 2009 .Since 2012 he is an expert/evaluator for the European Commission Programs Europe Culture and Europe for Citizens. He recently co-produced among others, HIGHWAY TO HELLAS ,an Art House Comedy ,directed by Aron Lehman, produced by Arri Productions, Pantaleon Films and Warner Bros, Audience Prize 20th International Film Festival BUSAN, and GREECE-The Mainland, a five episodes series for ARTE. in association with Taglicht Media/Koeln, directed by Johannes Backes. He conceived,initiated , organized and directed DOCROADS, a project driven training initiative for creative documentary consisting of seminars and workshops.

BJOERN JENSEN, Producer, Distributor, Film Consultant, DOCROADS Director

In over 25 years, Björn worked as supervising producer, executive producer and consultant on more than 80 documentary and feature films, many of them award-winning. Credits include “Quiet Days in Hollywood” with Hilary Swank, “Montreal Symphony” (winner best Canadian documentary at FIFA), “Under the Ice” (winner best documentary at Kuala Lumpur Festival), “Scientists Under Attack” (winner 11 international festival awards) and many more. He holds a Master Degree in German and English Literature (MA) and an International Business MBA and is board member of several film associations. Björn worked for 15 years as Head of Production for the production company Kick Film GmbHbefore he founded Ginger Foot Films in 2007.  For 6 years he was as treasurer in the board of directors of AG DOK (the largest association of indepentent film professionals in Germany). With Ginger Foot Films he offers consulting services to documentary and feature film producers in the areas of development, financing, production and distribution. For German Documentaries Björn Jensen organizes delegations of German independent documentary producers to international festivals and markets. He is consultant for the distinguished market Sunny Side of the Doc for the Asian region and is head of international feature film co-production for the Chinese production company China Film Assist. He ist member of the board of directors of theEuropean Documentary Network (EDN), member of the tax expert committee of the German Cultural Council, member of the evaluation committee of Bild-Kunst, jury member of the German film fund BKM, member of the friend's association of Munich University of Television and Film and member of the friend's association of Dok.Fest Munich. Björn moderates panel discussions and pitchings. He co-developed the Asian-European training initiative DOCROADS, is a certified instructor (IHK), teaches at film schools in Europe and Asia and holds regularily international workshops in production, financing and pitching.

HANS-STEFAN HEYNE, Legal Consultant

Hans-Stefan Heyne worked as a Unit Manager at NDR Public Television in Hamburg/Germany, he became a part of Germany's biggest Public Broadcaster ARD/Channel One, he was a Production Manager at NDR Public Television in Hamburg and a Production Manager /Executive Producer at Studio Hamburg's production unit, where he was responsible for production budgets, cost-breakdowns and contracting. He was a Legal Consultant and Head of International Co-Productions and Acquisitions until 2011 at NDR International, later to become Studio Hamburg Distribution & Marketing (SHDM). The company was responsible for the combining of any and all commercial activities of NDR, such as programme acquisitions, international co-productions,  programme sales, worldwide Co-Production, and Licensing. In 2012 he started his own company "International Media Consult & Business Services", focusing on documentaries financing and co-financing, setting up international co-productions, acquisitions and sales contracts, all kinds of legal aspects and rights management.

JAMES BAYLISS-SMITH, Cameraman, Editor, Videographer

James works for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) as Cameraman / Editor at ABC’s Beijing News     bureau shooting and editing news features and breaking news. He worked for PRESS TV and CCTV News. He         produced, directed and shot several documentary films, the latest being the 89 minute doc "Punt Wars", the "10   Yushu - Rising from the Rubble" , "Expo’s Meaning with Robert Lawrence Kuhn, series 5 x 27 minutes, "Black         Fortress of Opium", " G20 - Climate Camp in the City of London". He holds a degree in international relations with East Asian studies, speaks English and Mandarin and has won a silver award from  the  Australian  Cinematographers Society.