Big Data Analysis in Earth Sciences - EarthBiAs2015

SCHOOL OF SCIENCES - Department of Mathematics
31 Aug 2015 to 4 Sep 2015

EarthBiAs2015 is organised by the School of Sciences of the University of the Aegean. It is an international

Summer School in Big Data Analysis in Earth Sciences and will be held in Rhodes from 31st of August to 4th of September 2015.

The term “Big Data” refers to various forms of large amount of data, which requires specific computing

platforms for their analysis.


The topics covered by the Summer School are:


  • •Understanding the specific characteristics of Big Data
  • •Database Systems
  • •Analysis of multi- dimensional data
  • •Mathematical models for data mining
  • •Data management and analysis
  • •New technologies and softwares
  • •Application of all the above in simulation examples of different environmental systems.