4th International Summer School on

Big Data Analysis in Earth Sciences


SCHOOL OF THE ENVIRONMENT - Department of Environment
3 Sep 2018 to 7 Sep 2018

Quick Tips!!!

1. Try to make as soon as possible travel arrangements (air tickets, ship tickets, hotels) in order to achieve the lowest possible price.

2. August is a full-season month and therefore prices are considered to be expensive, early registration will help to achieve low prices.

3. The sooner you register the earlier you will get the acceptance notification!!!



For your accommodation you may want to find a hotel near the venue. We have spoted the hotels near KLEOVOULOS Building (1 Leoforos Dimokratias St.) for your convenience (here).

The Organising Committee is under negotiation with some of the hotels in order to ensure low prices for your accommodation.

The list of the hotels will be announced very soon.



Road network of the island is mostly modern and paved. There are four major arteries: 

  • Rhodes-Kamiros Province Avenue: Two lane, runs through the west coast north to south and connects Rhodes City with Diagoras Airport andKamiros.
  • Rhodes-Lindos National Avenue: Four and two lane, runs mainly inland north to south and connects Rhodes City with Lindos.
  • Rhodes-Kallithea Province Avenue: Two lane, runs through the east coast north to south and connects Rhodes City with Faliraki Resort.
  • Tsairi-Airport National Avenue: Four and two lane, runs inland east to west and connects the east coast with the west and the airport.

Bus services are handled by two operators: 

  • RODA: Rhodes City Company that also services suburban areas (Faliraki, Ialysos, Kremasti, Airport, Pastida, Maritsa, Paradeisi) and the entire west coast (blue-white colored).
  • KTEL: State-owned buses that serve villages and resorts in the east coast (yellow-orange colored).

Air: Diagoras Airport, one of the biggest in Greece, is the main entrance/exit point for both locals and tourists. It is located 14 km (9 mi) south west of Rhodes City. The island is well connected with other major Greek cities and islands as well as with major European capitals and cities via charter flights.

Sea: Rhodes has five ports, three of them in Rhodes City, one in the west coast near Kamiros and one in east coast near Lardos. 

  • Central Port: located in the city of Rhodes serves domestic and international traffic.
  • Kolona Port: opposite the central port, serves intra-Dodecanese traffic and large yachts.
  • Akandia Port: the new port of the island next to the central port, being built since 1960s, for domestic and international traffic. At the moment serves cruise ships on peak days.
  • Kamiros Skala Dock: 30 km (19 mi) south west of the city near Ancient Kamiros ruins serves mainly the island of Halki
  • Lardos Dock: formerly servicing local industries, now under development as an alternative port for times when the central port is inaccessible due to weather conditions. It is situated in a rocky shore near the village of Lardos in south east Rhodes.