SCHOOL OF HUMANITIES - Department of Mediterranean Studies
19 Jul 2017 to 1 Aug 2017

8 July Sunday: Arrivals. Bus transfer from Athens Αirport at 17.00, arrive at the site of Desfina ~20.00.

Registration and Reception in Desfina municipality Hall at 20.00-22.00


29 July Sunday : Departure from Desfina to Athens Airport

Arrival at Athens Airport ~16.00.

Programme Under Construction (9-29 July). Daily Working hours: 7:00 to 14:00 (fieldwork, dig, in situ archaeological sciences) and 17:00 - 20:00 (Lab work, sample processing. Educational trips to surrounding area / museums).

It includes:

1) dig at two locations of Kastrouli settlement with digital documentation,

2) sample processing (cleaning, drawing, photo documentation, recording),

3) hands on portable instrumentation (GPS, geophysical prospection, Raman, XRF spectroscopy, portable microscope, drone, SfM 3D reconstruction, conservation (rescue archaeology) preventive conservation in situ,

4) Lectures at classrtoon on Mycenean archaeology, SE Mediterranean archaeology at Late Bronze Age - Early Iron Age, Archaeological Sciences (dating methods, portable instrumentation, conservation methods & materials, digital archaeology & cyber archaeology, archaeometry, cultural management & sustainable development.