A unique opportunity to combine vacations and learning!

The Modern Greek Language in its Mediterranean Context (MGMC) Summer School

will be held for the first time on the island of Rhodes

25 August - 01 September 2018

"The Modern Greek language in its Mediterranean Context" (MGMC 2018) Summer School offers a unique  opportunity to combine vacations on the island of Rhodes with courses of Modern Greek and a thorough introduction to the history and the main hallmarks of the language. The participants will acquire a basic grammar and communication knowledge , they will be consulted how to continue their learning process at home and they can create networks with Greek-speaking persons.

Moreover, they will be able to attend a linguistically-founded but easily comprehensible introduction to the History of Greek so that they develop a better understanding about the language and its speakers. The Summer School will also emphasize the contact of the Greek-speaking world with neighbouring civilizations within the context of the Eastern Mediterranean while the intercultural milieu of the city of Rhodes is the ideal location to trace this interaction.

At the end of the course the participants are expected to have reached the following goals:

a. They will be able to read the Modern Greek alphabet.
b. They will be able to perform short dialogues (small talk) and will acquire an elementary vocabulary.
c. They will get a systematic overview of the Greek Grammar.
d. They will get familiar with basic stages of the history of the Greek language.
e. They will get familiar with the interaction of Greek with other languages of the region from a sociolinguistic perspective.

Whom is this Summer School for?

The MGMC Summer School is open to everyone interested in learning the basics of Modern Greek and acquire a good understanding of its history. While most language courses entail no academic  component in their programme, MGMC brings together language learning and social and historical linguistics so that the formation of the Modern Greek language is better understood. Linguists, Classicists, Researchers of Cultural Contacts with specialization in the region of the Eastern Mediterranean region can profit from the programme.

The language courses will be oriented to provide the basics for communication and for further learning, while the linguistic courses will offer an in-depth understanding about the diachrony of the Greek language.

The Summer School aims at being systematic but not exhaustively intensive. The language instruction will go on also outdoors and the participants will have the opportunity to practice what they learnt in their free time. Further activities will be also planned.

MGMC ECTS Acknowledgement (2 ECTS credits)

All Participants will receive a certification of attendance that allocates 2 ECTS points under the condition that they succesfully complete the course. It is expected that the participants attend all language and linguistic courses and contribute actively to the course.


You can send you application by filling in the Registration Form

Deadline for applications: 30 June 2018

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