MEDITERRANEAN FOODS and NUTRITIONAL VALUE: Current Trends in Food Science and Nutrition - MedFood2012

SCHOOL OF THE ENVIRONMENT - Department of Food Science and Nutrition
26 Aug 2012 to 31 Aug 2012

Programme of the Summer School

Sunday, 26/8/2012
Arrival:    Meeting and Welcoming

               Introductory Briefing and Distribution of Educational Material  (18.00-21.00)

               Night Tour around the Myrina

Monday, 27/8/2012
1st TU:    The natural and anthropogenic environment of the Mediterranean, a birthplace of values, goods and services
•    Training in the e-learning and e-evaluation platform of the University of the Aegean (G. Vasios, C. Giaginis, 09.00-13.00)
•    Mediterranean – Abiotic Environment and Impact on Biodiversity (N. Zouros, 15.00-16.00)
•    Nature Conservation: Biotic Resources as Criterion of Protection (P. Dimitrakopoulos, 16.00-17.00)
•    Marine Ecosystems and Fisheries Reserves Management (G. Kokkoris, 17.00-18.00)
•    Value of Biodiversity: Triumph of Rhetoric, Failure of Policy (A. Troumbis, 18.00-19.00)
•    Rural development in the Eastern Mediterranean. From Greek Agriculture to Globalised Gastronomy (or vice versa?) & Round Table Discussion (L. Louloudis, 19.00-21.00)

Tuesday, 28/8/2012
2η TU:    Mediterranean Foods: production, nutritional value and food quality
•    Olive Oil: The principal source of fat in the Mediterranean Diet and its Nutritional Value (C. Karantonis, 9.00-10.00)
•    The Indigenous Microbiota of Greek Traditional Foods - A Treasure Chest of
Probiotic and Protective Cultures (Ε. Tsakalidou, 10.00-11.00)
•    Fruits and Vegetables: Natural Functional Foods of the Mediterranean Diet (D. Makris, 11.00-12.00)
•    Ηerbs and spices of Mediterranean flora: Essential oils and their active components as natural antimicrobials in foods (Ε. Giaouris, 12.00-13.00)
•    The Multiple Dimensions of Food Safety (G. Boskou, 15.00-16.00)
•    Entrepreneurship, Funding and Extraversion in the Food Sector (Ι. Antoniadis, 16.00-18.00)
•    Corporate Social Responsibility and  και Green Entrepreneurship in the Food Sector & Round Table Discussion (Α. Chymis, 18.00-19.00) 
Opening Ceremony of the Summer School (20.00-22.00)

Wednesday, 29/8/2012
2η ΘΕ:    Mediterranean Foods: production, nutritional value and food quality
Educational Activities
•    Visit to a local production unit of traditional rusks (09.00-12.00)
•    Visit to a biological vineyard (12.00-14.00)
•    Lecture on Wine: A Powerful Health-Promoting Extract (D. Makris, 14.00-15.00)
Educational Activity: Food Chains and Systemic Analysis (G. Vasios, 18.00-20.00)

Thursday, 30/8/2012
3η TU:    Mediterranean Diet: a valuable tool for the protection of human health
•    Mediterranean Diet and Atherosclerosis: A New Approach (C.A. Demopoulos, 9.00-10.00)
•    The Role of the Greek Mediterranean Diet in the protection of Human Health (S. Antonopoulou, 10.00-11.00)
•    The Mediterranean Diet: A Source of Flavonoids of High Biological Value  (T. Fotsis, 11.00-12.00)
•    Dyslipidemia and Mediterranean Diet (Μ. Μantzourani, 12.00-13.00)
•    Mediterranean Diet and Metabolic Syndrome (V. Yumuk, 15:00-16.00)
•    Mediterranean Diet and Atherothrombosis (Α. Tselepis, 16.00-17.00)
•    Mediterranean Diet and Obesity (D. Kiortsis, 17.00-18.00)
•    Mediterranean Diet and Cancer: Current Experimental Data (S. Theocharis, 18.00-19.00) & Round Table Discussion (19.00-21.00)

Friday, 31/8/2012
3η TU:    Mediterranean Diet: a valuable tool for the protection of human health
•    Exercise, Health, Life Quality and Nutritional Characteristics of People with Disabilities (C. Evaggelinou, 9.00-10.00)
•    Mediterranean Diet and High Athletics (Ε. Koidou, 10.00-11.00)
•    Review of Summer School Lectures - Preparation for Evaluation (C. Giaginis, G. Vasios, 11.00-15.00)
•    Testing and Evaluation of the Participants (16.00-20.00)
Closing Ceremony of the Summer School. (20.00-21.00)