Cultures, Migrations, Borders - MigBord2019

SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES - Department of Social Anthropology and History
2 Jul 2019 to 11 Jul 2019

We are sorry but the deadline for applications expired on Monday, June 10. 

How to apply

You can fill in the application form here

*Please bear in mind that the system does not support the option of saving, so you should better fill in the application form when you are ready to submit it. 

Extended Application Deadline: June 10, 2019 

certificate of attendance will be awarded to all participants.
The Summer School corresponds to 2 ECTS units.


Postgraduate students with a background in the social sciences, PhD candidates and researchers, undregraduates at their final year of their studies and professionals working at NGOs or other institutions are all eligible to apply.


The Summer School fees are €500. Accommodation, transportation and food are not included in the fees (with the exception of everyday coffee-breaks and a welcome reception dinner) but can be obtained at relatively low prices. The travel cost for the fieldtrip to Mytilene is included in the fees. 


We are sorry but the deadline for scholarship applications expired on Monday, April 15. 

The scholarship grant corresponds to the reduced fee of €200 and does not include accommodation, transportation and food. 

In order to apply for a scholarship you have to:
1. Fill in and submit the Registration Form for the Summer School.
*In the last field ‘Any additional info’ please mention that you intend to appply for a scholarship. 

Submitting a paper is optional but it would enhance the profile of your application. You can submit any article, essay, paper etc, related to the main research and the theoretical topic of the Summer School.      
2. Fill in the online Scholarship Application Form. In there, you have to submit a motivation letter
3. A reference letter is also required, but this should be sent separately by email to directly by your supervisor/professor. The reference letter should be sent until 15 April 2019, at the latest.

Please bear in mind that the selection will be based on the applicant's academic performance and motivation but priority will be given to:               
a) applicants coming from Eastern European, Asian and African countries &    
b) those with a non-professional status.

The deadline for scholarship applications is 15 April, 2019.

The applicants who have been accepted for a scholarship grant should inform us as soon as possible in case of cancellation. 

*Please bear in mind that the fees of the scholarship are not refundable in case that you want to withdraw from the course after you have paid. 

Cancellation of participation

In case that you have been accepted to the Summer School but, for any reason, you want to cancel your participation you should notify us no later than June 1 by sending us an e-mail at In that case we will refund ninety per cent (90%) of your fees minus any bank transfer costs that might occur. You should be aware that if you cancel your participation later than this date, there will be no refund of the fees