Cultures, Migrations, Borders - MigBord2022

SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES - Department of Social Anthropology and History
4 Jul 2022 to 14 Jul 2022


We suggest three hotels that offers special prices for the Summer School. Two is the area of Agios Isidoros, which lies 2 km from Plomari (Hotel Vicky & Pebble Beach Hotel) and one which lies in the area of Plomari (Hotel Eirini). 

In all room rates of Hotel Vicky and Pebble Beach Hotel the price is per room and breakfast is included.

In all room rates of Hotel Eirini the price is per room and has also cooking facilities, but breakfast is not included.

If you choose to stay at those hotel, the bookings will be done by us. The payment will be done directly to the hotel upon your departure. 

single room: 38,00€ 
double room: 50,00€ 
triple room: 60,00€

double room: 70,00€ 
triple room: 90,00€

double room: 50,00€ 
triple room: 60,00€ 
quadruple room: 70,00€

Please note that there is an overnight stay tax (1,50 for a room per night).

Hotel view, photo by E. Petridou



Lesvos is the third largest of the Greek islands, situated in the north–eastern Aegean Sea. It offers visitors a great variety of places to see and things to do. Excellent beaches, picturesque villages and a rich variety of flora and fauna create a beautiful destination. The landscape of the island is very interesting, ranging from the emerald green of the olive trees and pine trees to the amazing volcanic scenery, in the western part of the island. Thus, students of the summer school “Cultures, Migrations, Borders” will have the opportunity to enjoy their studies in an amazing environment.


Mytilene is the capital city of the island and the seat of the University of the Aegean. A lively business and cultural centre, Mytilene is famous for its architectural heritage and its food culture. The town preserves many features from its splendid past, such as the wonderful mansions of the urban class which developed on the island, in the late 19th century. The castle over the city, the busy market street, and the port, where one can find most of the cafes and bars of the city, are some of its interesting attractions.


Plomari, which hosts the Summer School, is a picturesque seaside town of approximately 3.500 residents, situated on the southern coast of Lesvos. Homeland of the famous drink “ouzo”, Plomari amazes with its beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and the distinctive architecture of the amphitheatrically built houses, over the sea. Nice food, seaside sports, trekking in the nearby mountains are some of the characteristics that create an ideal scenery for studies combined with holidays! The lectures of the summer school will take place in ‘Polykentro’, the cultural centre of Plomari, housed in a recently renovated soap factory. The first floor of the building operates as a museum of soap, with various permanent and temporary exhibits, since Plomari emerged in the mid-19th century as an important industrial and commercial centre of the island. 


How to get there

The airport of Mytilene, the capital of the island, is daily connected with flights from Athens and Thessaloniki by Aegean Airlines.

In addition, charters fly directly to Mytilene from the UK (London, Manchester), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), Germany (e.g. Berlin) and other countries. Find out more about charter flights here.

If you prefer travelling by sea, you can get a boat from Athens (Piraeus). More information about ferries here.  

For your transfer from Mytilene to Plomari you can either use the public transportation or our private bus (free of charge). 


Useful Telephone Numbers

Mytilene Airport +30-22510-61490

Mytilene Coast Guard +30-22510-24115

Mytilene Hospital +30-22510-43777 and +30-22510-57700

Plomari Health Centre +30-22520-32151

Plomari Taxi Station +30-22520-32222

Mytilene Taxi Station +30-22510-25900 and +30-22510-23500

Lesvos Buses +30-22510-23500 and +30-22510-28873

Tourist Police +30-22510-22776