Industrial Product Design and Concept Development - PRODECT2019

SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING - Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering
1 Jul 2019 to 8 Jul 2019
Panos Y. Papalambros is the James B. Angell Distinguished University Professor and the Donald C. Graham Professor of Engineering. He is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Professor of Architecture, and Professor of Art and Design; and serves as the founding Chair and Professor of the Integrative Systems & Design Division, College of Engineering, at the University of Michigan. He holds a diploma in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (1974) from the National Technical University of Athens and  MS (1976) and PhD (1979) degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. He has served as a faculty member at the University of Michigan since 1979.  During his tenure at Michigan he served as mechanical engineering department chair (199298, and 2007-08) and as founding director of several research laboratories and centers: Optimal Design (ODE) Laboratory (1980-); Design Laboratory (1990-92); Ford Durability Simulation Center (1992-94); Automotive Research Center (1994-2003); General Motors Collaborative Research Laboratory (1998-2002); the Antilium Project (2003-2008), and the Ford BlockM Sustainability Laboratory (2006-2009). He was the founding chair and director of the University of Michigan interdisciplinary Design Science Doctoral Program (20062011). His research interests include design science and design optimization, with applications to sustainable design, automotive systems, such as hybrid and electric vehicles; design of complex engineered systems; and architectural design. With D. J.Wilde, he co-authored the textbook Principles of Optimal Design: Modeling and Computation (1988, 2000, 2016 forthcoming). He has published over 340 articles in journals, conference proceedings, and books. 


Mario de Liguori is a product and strategic designer. He currently leads research and teaching activity at Politecnico di Milano. Member of CILAB (Creative Industries Lab), also teaches design in Product Development Studio, a fundamental course of Integrated Product Design Master’s Degree. Thanks to such institution, Mario has today the opportunity to collaborate with other international universities and companies, such as Kinder-Ferrero, 3M, Mitsubishi, Oppein, Midea, Radici Group, Rotho, Chiba University of Tokyo, and many more. Keeping solid foundations on Product Design, he has also been walking in several other territories of design. From graphic design and communication, to strategic consulting, collaborating as employee or freelance for studios and companies, finally founding in 2009 his own design studio. He started designing gardening furniture and accessories made by rotational moulding, later collaborated with Fabio Lenci (“Compasso D’oro” prize winner for design career) by designing boats interiors, bathroom and kitchen furniture and accessories, developing projects for famous Italian brands, like Teuco, Guzzini and many more. Designer and maker of prototypes and physical mockups, he believes in design both as theory and practice. He corroborated strategic design skills thanks to a meaningful experience for Illycaffè, a premium Italian coffee company, appreciated for product quality, but also for its brand strategy oriented toward art and design. Along with other colleagues Mario founded into that company an innovation centre operating for Brand & Strategy division. He believes in continuing training and education, by alternating professional practice, teaching and research work. In-between teaching and professional work, he is also trying to launch a new design studio specifically aimed to promote students and young talents, working together in a fluid and network-based collaboration, triggering both physical and virtual connections, in order to design products and strategies for international clients worldwide.


Georgios Priniotakis is an Associate Professor in University of West Attica, School of Engineering, Dept. of Industrial Design and Engineering, Greece. His background is in Technical Textiles with focus on Intelligent Textiles and Sustainable Technology Solutions.  For several years was National Representative of Greece to boards and committees in the activities of the European Research Area of embedded systems. He has published numerous scientific papers and he has many participations in International conferences the last 25 years. Reviewer in various Scientific Journals. Participated in a number of Research and Education Projects. Member of various Scientific conference committees and Chairman of the Organizing Committee of bi-annual conference AITAE.