Shipping, Transportation and Trade: Current Advances and Market Perspectives - STTCAMP 2018

SCHOOL OF BUSINESS - Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport
16 Jul 2018 to 5 Aug 2018

The Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport of the University of the Aegean, is hosting the Summer Course “Shipping, Transportation and Trade: Current Advances and Market Perspectives. Current Challenges in International Transport and Shipping - STT CAMP 2018”.

The aim of the course is to provide transport researchers, undergraduate/MSc/ PhD students and young professionals with a foundation on how shipping and transport markets work and where new business perspectives could originate from. The course offers advanced knowledge to comprehend the rapid changes in the shipping and transport market structure, identify their drivers and better understand strategies of world shipping and transportation leaders. A teaching staff of 14 Professors and Lecturers will run 22 theoretical and applied lectures and tutorials combining innovative interdisciplinary scientific methods with state-of-the-art case studies, participative business games and workshops.  

Finally, a number of Educational/Technical visits in Athens and Piraeus on the 2nd and 3rd August, 2018 will complete the whole program. The Educational and Technical visits relate to topics of Maritime Policy and Port Management.


The program/summer course is tailored to participants from Shanghai Maritime University, based on a specific collaboration agreement with the University of the Aegean.


The course is offered in English.