Update: Due to COVID-19, the SenZations2021 summer school is postponed to SenZations2022. Please, find below the important dates.

Welcome to SenZations 2022!

The first SenZations summer school was held in 2006, and since then is held annually in different countries of the South-Eastern Europe, making it, probably, the IoT focused summer school with the longest tradition globally. From its inception, the school aimed at providing both theoretical and practical aspects of the domain, combining lectures with hands-on tutorial and team assignments. The school collaborated with numerous FP7 and H2020 projects, facilitating not only general presentations of the project outcomes but also their utilization and validation in the course of school activities. The team-work involving school participants, interaction with potential end-users of IoT solutions, improvement of presentation skills and general networking of both young and more experienced researchers were equally important aspects of the school throughout the years. Over the last number of years, in addition to the technical track, the school runs a business track in parallel with the technology track, thus facilitating cross-fertilization between these domains and better understanding of all aspects surrounding digital transformation of companies. The school is well recognized in the community for high-quality lectures given by close to hundred experts coming from industry and academia, hands-on tutorials, interesting team assignments, and good social life.


Important Dates:

Applications: Deadline 31/5/2022

Summer School: From 26/06/2022 to 01/07/2022



Lesvos island is situated in North East Aegean Sea, right across the shores of Minor Asia and Adramytte gulf. It's the third largest Greek island and it occupies an area of 1,632 km2. It has a mild Mediterranean climate and its exceptional sunshine makes it one of the sunniest islands in the Aegean Sea.


The island is forested and mountainous with two large peaks, Mt. Lepetymnos at 968 m (3,176 ft) and Mt. Olympus at 967 m (3,173 ft), dominating its northern and central sections. The island's volcanic origin is manifested in several hot springs and the two gulfs. Eleven million olive trees cover 40% of the island together with other fruit trees. Forests of Mediterranean pines, chestnut trees and some oaks occupy 20%.



Lesvos contains one of the few known petrified forests and has been declared a Protected Natural Monument, included also in the European Geopark Network. Fossilised plants have been found in many localities on the western part of the island. Neogene volcanic rocks dominate the central and western part of the island.



Ouzo, the traditional distilled Greek beverage, has its centre of production in Lesvos with many different companies.