Open GIS Symposium and Summer School 2016 - opengis2016

SCHOOL OF THE ENVIRONMENT - Department of Marine Sciences
18 Jul 2016 to 22 Jul 2016

Topics that will be covered in the OPENGIS Summer School include:

Topic 1: Geographical Data Science

Topic 2: Introduction to OPENGIS Software with Practicals

Topic 3: OPENGIS River Basin Models (e.g. ARCSWAT, BASIN, HEC-RAS) with Practicals

Topic 4: OPENGIS Land-based Marine Pollution Models (e.g. LOICZ, InVest) with Practicals

Topic 5: OPENGIS Beach morphodynamic models (e.g. the Bruun, Edelman, Dean, SBEACH, Leont’yev and XBeach models) with Practicals

Topic 6: Case-studies in agriculture, river basin management, coastal zone management, forestry, decision making.