Borders, Security and the Common European Perspective. Fundamental rights, free movement and the migration crisis - GovArt2024

SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES - Department of Sociology
16 Jul 2024 to 21 Jul 2024

EU citizens enjoy many freedoms and a high level of protection through, among other things, individual, political, economic and social rights, protection of personal data, anti-discrimination legislation. EU Member States are working to develop a coherent European migration policy that harnesses the potential of legal migration while successfully addressing the challenges of illegal immigration. Work continues to improve security through better controls at external borders, while facilitating entry into the EU for those who qualify. The process of European integration has created a new context in which the nation state has evolved into a member state and, at the same time, within this same context, the concept of national sovereignty has taken on new meaning and content. Thus, the issue of national sovereignty, as well as its relation to the process of European integration, shapes new facts as regards the acceptance of a fully distinct EU constitutional order that places particular emphasis on respect for human rights and individual freedoms.