Managing tourism after the crisis – a Mediterranean perspective - MaTour2015

SCHOOL OF BUSINESS - Department of Business Administration
21 May 2015 to 24 May 2015

The programme is designed to provide experiences and knowledge from the world at large and to use this to focus on the Mediterranean experience. With this in mind, the programme starts with an interactive session identifying the big issues facing tourism in the region. This will then provide themes to be explored during the remainder of the programme. Throughout, the emphasis is on strategic issues and change but with opportunities to consider operational implications in the discussion sessions. The scope is on tourism as a whole


Four major topics, which form key elements of the framework for future tourism development, provide the structure for the programme. Each of these will be led by world specialists and will embrace worldwide, as well as Mediterranean knowledge and experiences, followed by a panel discussion session including representatives from the region, designed to focus on regional experiences and opportunities. The four topics are:


Markets and marketing: to explore what is happening to markets for tourism, with examples from different parts of the world, and how new technologies are transforming the marketing environment.


Human resources: to review the changing patterns of employment in tourism and education for tourism and the issues faced by employers.


Destination development: to consider the nature of and changes in the development of destinations to meet future needs of the key stakeholders.


Maintaining competitiveness: to review what constitutes a competitive destination and how competitiveness is achieved and maintained.















Tourism in the Mediterranean Region – the big issues

The Team and led by Larry Dwyer


Panel Discussion The markets for the Mediterranean destinations


Panel led by Andreas Papatheodorou, Pauline Sheldon & Paris Tsartas


What is happening to the markets?


Led by Alastair Morrison & Dimitrios Buhalis


The markets and the web


Led by Dimitrios Buhalis & Marianna Sigala


Human resources and the role of education

Led by Pauline Sheldon & David Airey

Measuring economic success in tourism

Led by Larry Dwyer & David Airey

Developing the destination

Led by Alison Gill & Tom Baum

Panel Discussion The changing destination


Panel led by David Airey & Alistair Morrison



Using human resources effectively

Led by Tom Baum & Theodoros Stavrinoudis

Making a competitive destination


Led by Geoff Crouch & Dimitrios Buhalis

Competitiveness in Mediterranean destinations

Led by Andreas Papatheodorou & Larry Dwyer

Panel Discussion

Competitiveness for the Mediterranean

Panel led by George Drakopoulos & Harris Loukaras


Field Visit in Rhodes