Industrial Product Design and Concept Development - PRODECT2017

SCHOOL OF SCIENCES - Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering
3 Jul 2017 to 10 Jul 2017
Daniela Maurer is a researcher of, specifically on applied researches for companies and multinational corporations, and teaches in the Polytechnic Design School issues of interior and product design. Besides the academic experience, she has a strong professional experience in the field, since she has been working for 9 years in the Marco Ferreri design studio, in Milan, where she collaborated in the development and creation of new product designs, graphics and installations. With the same multidisciplinary approach, since 2007 she has been started her freelance activity with various companies and agencies, developing also research projects on the relationship between design and crafts, individually or in group with other designers. In 2015 she curated and designed the “Design for School” exhibition, in Como, investigating the evolution of the relationship between the worlds of design and school in Italy. The exhibition was part of Xtra calendar of events, organised by the Milan Triennale in occasion of the Expo 2015. Since 2013 she started to collaborate with universities like Naba_Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (The New Accademy of Arts)_Milan, the University of San Marino and since september 2016 she starts to teach at Milan Polytechnic in the first year course of the Bachelor degree of Interior Design. In the last 3 years she developed also skills in the strategic design field thanks to the collaboration with


ARCH. Aldo Cingolani who founded and now heads Bertone Design, graduated in 1987 from the Faculty of Architecture at the Politecnico in Milan (Politecnico di Milano). He immediately joined the Group Giugiaro, as director of the company's design headquarters in Milan, taking care of the business development strategies in marketing and communication. After two years he took on the position of Commercial Director of Giugiaro Design Spa while maintaining managerial control of the Milan headquarters and dealing with the company's development in the field of Architecture. As General Director of Giugiaro Design from 1995 to 2003, Aldo coordinated all divisions of the company: from architecture and product design to graphic design and transport design. In 2003 he became the Managing Director of Giugiaro Architettura personally contributing to the birth of the company. Over the years he has become a permanent consultant for the Politecnico in Milan and Turin, the Tianjin University, the University of Design in Budapest, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Faculty of Communication at the University of Turin, FON University in Macedonia and for the Master's degree of Publitalia in Marketing and Corporate Communication. Aldo has been invited as a speaker at numerous conferences and international seminars over the past years with most of his attention being devoted to issues of sustainable architecture and environmental protection.



Katerina Dimitriou, holds a B.Sc. & M.Sc. in Industrial Design Engineering from the Department of Product & Systems Design Engineering at the University of Aegean as well as an M.Sc. in Industrial Design for Architecture from the Politecnico in Milan. She also had the honour of being selected as a Visiting Research Scholar at the Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory (ASDL) in the School of Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. She currently plays the role of Design Project Manager at Bertone Design. Katerina's professional activities in both Europe and U.S.A have been instrumental in enriching her understanding of the exchange of cultures, ideas and views around the world. Her passion for contemporary art, design and innovative fields of technology have allowed her to grow as a multi-disciplinary designer looking to execute projects to a high level of quality.


Oxana Nosova has an Msc. in Interior Design from Politecnico di Milano and Istituto Marangoni as well as a degree in Environment Architecture from the Moscow Architectural University. She currently takes on the role of Projects and Business development Manager at Bertone Design as well as a visiting lecturer at Politecnico di Milano where she is also currently completing her Ph.D in Design since 2015. Oxana participates in research and assistantship activities as a member of the Laboratory of Innovation and Research on Interiors (Lab.I.R.Int) at Politecnico di Milano as part of her involvement in global networks of academic institutions and industry while also handling Bertone Design's international relations with the company's EURASIA clients.


Sergio Ruggieri has a degree in Interior Design from the Istituto Grafica-Moda-Design in Lecco, Italy. In 2015, Sergio was an esteemed winner of the Competition to design the "Cruciani C" pavillion of 'Expo 2015 in Milan, a project that was thereafter implemented. Sergio also has experience in the business of design, working in a Swiss furniture showroom in Lugano with the responsibility of handling sales, customer orders and preparing project quotes.
Sergio's design experience has seen him involved in several projects including apartments, hotels and villas as well as the design of products for use as compliments within luxurious interiors. He currently works at Bertone Design as an Interior and product designer.



Alessandro Abagnale has a degree in Industrial Product Design from Politecnico di Milano. After his studies Alessio pursued a degree in Interior Design of Commercial Space from IED Milan. He then followed his studies with work for a year and a half at the Interior and Exhibition design company. Piuomeno Associati, after which he pursued a Master’s degree in Industrial Design for Architecture also from Politecnico di Milano. Alessio currently works as a designer at Bertone Design where he is involved in projects from diverse fields including architecture, interior and product design.


Costas Bissas is a design consultant based in Greece. His research interests lie between design, technology, wellbeing and culture, focusing on the use of design as a creative tool for the development of innovative products and services. He has collaborated with international organizations such as DeBalie Centre for Culture & Politics in Amsterdam, FutureEverything in Liverpool, the Barbican Centre in London and the SENSEable city Laboratory of MIT in Boston. His work has been acclaimed by the European Innovative Games Award, the Greek Graphic Design & Communication Awards, Mikser Festival of Creativity & Innovation and Athens Startup Weekend Sustainability. Although he has lived 2.5 years next to the Loch Ness, he never managed to locate the monster.