Extended Arts - XARTS2013

SCHOOL OF SCIENCES - Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering
11 Jul 2013 to 21 Jul 2013

What you can achieve in 9 days?

triumph 330

During an intensive workshop (15-23/4/2013), 5 post-graduate and 5 undergraduate students of the Department of Product and Systems Design of the University of the Aegean produced a robot-like character called Kosmas 500.

 Using 4 Arduino processors, 1 gyroscope, one small display, a few sensors and accessories, the students implemented a character that turns around, flashes the eyes, plays music and sounds, and reacts in the presence and/or absence of the audience.

 In the photos hereafter you can see the group of students chearing their success after a hard production work terminated at 3.30 in the morning on the 23rd of April, and Kosmas 500 as it was exhibited in the Lab a few hours later.

The invited professor for this intensive workshop was Agelos Floros from the University of Thessaly who will co-run the Physical Computing workshop during XARTS 2013 Summer School. 


Congratulations to the team ! 


Kosmas 500