Extended Arts - XARTS2013

SCHOOL OF SCIENCES - Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering
11 Jul 2013 to 21 Jul 2013

The Summer School is structured in 5 thematic sections treating the extensibility of the artistic work via new media technologies.


1. General Session: Presentation of trends, practices and possibilities to inspire participants in their own artistic practice.


2. Extending Content: Lectures and workshops on the extensibility of the work of art using digital technologies.


3. Extending Interface: Lectures and Workshops on the extensibility of the authoring tools for the creator of a digital work of art.


4. Extending User Experience: Lectures and Workshops on the extensibility of the users' interaction with the digital work of art.


5. From Virtual to Real: Conferences on the history, theory and artistic practice in extended arts.





The first two days of the Programme are dedicated to 45mn lectures tracing the panorama of the subjects that will be applied during intensive workshops. The third day is dedicated to the presentation of participants' ideas and the formation of groups for the intensive workshops, On the fourth day an excursion to Ano Syros is organised giving to the participants the opportunity to socialize and connect the members of the working groups together,

Five days are dedicated to the intensive workshops: The morning presentations of best artistic practices are followed by the actual workshops where individual or collective works are implemented. The resulting works are evaluated at the end of the week. During the Summer School, three Dinners are organised to accomodate informal discussions while Light Lunch and Coffee Breaks are scheduled every day. .


The International XARTS 2013 Conference (From Virtual to Real) will conclude the Programme. Invited Speakers and scholarly reviewed Research Papers will elucidate aspects of the Extended Arts that are not treated during the Summer School: Convergence of the New Media with Bioart, 3D Fabrication and Prototyping, Nanotechnology, Physical Computing, is examined in three conference sessions (History, Theory, Artistic Practice). Among the disciplines concerned, Cybernetics, Biosemiotics and Radical Constructivism are treated in the Theory Session.


The whole framework aims at the networking between artists, scientists and philosophers working in the Extending Arts domain. The overall Programme will be evaluated by the participants in a final Goodbye Session.

The detailed programme may be downloaded here:XARTS2013_Agenda_FINAL