7th International School on Electronic Business - eBiz2019

SCHOOL OF SCIENCES - Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering
8 Jul 2019 to 14 Jul 2019

eBiz2019 Theme: «The World Meets Your Startup»

Programme (8.7 – 14.7)

1st day– Monday 8 July

I have an e-dea…  (09:30-12:30, Dr. Drossos, Univ. of the Aegean @ Athens Centre, Mets, Athens)

  • Idea generation & screening
  • Idea validation
  • Building Habit-Forming e-Products: Getting Hooked…

Task: Getting ready for eBiz Design Sprint*

* eBiz Design Sprint = eBiz assignment that must be online delivered by the 16th of August

2nd day – Tuesday 9 July (08:00-13:00, ATCOM @ 95 Aristotelous str. Acharnai, Athens)

Educational visit

  • E-business transformation
  • Building ‘Phygital’ experiences; when digital is incorporated into a physical, brick-and-mortar entity, to create an ecosystem across the 2 worlds


3rd day– Wednesday 10 July

Start the Start-Up: A Legal guide (09:00-12:00, P. Kontogeorgou, ICT and Data Protection Legal Expert @ Athens Centre, Mets, Athens)

  • E-business Law
  • How to manage an IP portfolio
  • Incorporate an Online Business
  • Equity financing

4th day– Thursday 11 July


5th day– Friday 12 July (@ former 1st High School, Ermoupolis, Syros)

09:00-10:30 “Intro to digital marketing”, Lecture by Dr. Georgios Tsimonis, De Montfort University
10:30-12:00 “Intro to social media marketing”, Lecture by Dr. van Osch, Michigan State University

12:00 – 12:30 pm Group Lunch


18:00-19:30 “Omni-channel marketing”, Lecture by Dr. Coursaris, Michigan State University
19:30-20:30 “Omni-channel marketing”, Lecture by Daphne Prosalika, Chief Commercial Officer, ATCOM

6th day– Saturday 13 July (09:00-12:00, Dr. Stavrakis, Univ. of the Aegean @ former 1st High School, Ermoupolis, Syros)

Digital prototyping

  • UI/UX concepts with hands-on experience
  • Develop a medium fidelity prototype

7th day–Sunday 14 July

09:00-10:00 Group Activity