European Governance: A new European government art - govart2013

SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES - Department of Sociology
1 Jul 2013 to 15 Jul 2013

The tutors come from various and destinguished universities, such as the University of the Aegean, the National University of Athens, the University of Luxembourg, the University of Louvain à Mons, the Panteion University of Athens, the University of Cadiz and the University of  Amsterdam. 

Specifically the invited speakers are :



Name - Surname            


Marie-Luce Pavia

Professor, Université de Montpellier 1

Pierre Vercauteren

Professor, Université de Louvain à Mons

Phillipe Poirier        

Professor, Université de Luxembourg                        

Alejandro Del Valle Galvez

Professor, University of Cadiz

Inmaculada Gonzalez Garcia

Professor, University of Cadiz

Rosa Sanchez-Salgado

Professor, University of Amsterdam

Stelios Perrakis

Professor, Panteion University of Athens

 Michalis Tsinisizelis

Professor, National University of Athens;

Dean, Faculty of Legal, Political & Economic


Vasilis Christianos

Professor,  National University of Athens

Constantin Stephanou

Professor, Panteion University of Athens

Achilleas Mitsos

Professor, University of the Aegean

Kostas Zoras

Professor, University of the Aegean

Sotiris Dalis

Lecturer, University of the Aegean

Panos Grigoriou

Professor, University of the Aegean


The qualitative particularity of items which will be approached, and the fact that the instructors are one of the most recognized scientists in the relevant discipline shall be considered as the best guarantee for the sustainability and further identification of the summer school in time.