European Governance: A new European government art - govart2013

SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES - Department of Sociology
1 Jul 2013 to 15 Jul 2013

The summer school will take place from 1 to July 14 in Molyvos Lesvos. It has as main objective to make known in depth the concept and applications of European governance. The central concern of the summer school will concentrate on EU's contribution to international debate on governance, the central aim of the democratization of international decision-making processes. We are attracted by the specificities of governance in a pan-european level but also by the analysis of European governance as a means of challenging the state as the exclusive organization of international community.

General objectives: 

The subject of the summer school, particularly at the level of organizing summer schools, is considered totally innovative for the Greek reality,fact which ensures significant competitiveness. At international level, there is relative competitiveness but the composition of the teaching team and the program of lectures also ensure significant competitiveness.The group of collaborating professors with excellent teaching and research experience in this area are a serious guarantee for the success of the objectives of the summer school.

The implementation of this summer school will allow the production of a new concept of governance both at European and national level. The democratic mode (decentralization) of the decision making centers  needs to be consolidated  as a priority, especially at European level, which is characterized by severe democratic deficit and lack of civil participation in political procedures.

Learning Objectives:

  • in-depth knowledge of European governance, ie democratic exercise of power at the operating level of European institutions but also at the level of operation of national decision-making mechanisms
  • students' interest will be linked to their ability, because of the specialized knowledge gained, to participate in a democratic European decision making mechanism as well as enhancing the direct role of citizens in the associated procedures
  • the acquisition of specialized knowledge will be done thanks to the teaching of prestigius European researchers and academics  and recognized connoisseurs of European governance. It is important to emphasize that the instructors are already members of a research team working on the relevant discipline through special workshops and joint publications
  • the acquisition of such expertise will be achieved thanks to the extensive research and profound relationship the members of the teaching team have European governance, protection of human rights, humanitarian action that distinguishes from the foreign policy of the European Union, globalization and implications of European integration and the economic and environmental dimension of European governance.

Summer School Thematic Topics: 

  • European multilevel governance.
  • The mission of the international organizations in global governance: the importance of regionalism and regional interdependence of the organized structures of the international community.
  • New government art: review of the classical logic of transnational European institutional decision-making system.
  • The relationship of European governance the protection of human rights and international humanitarian law



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