Counselling, Education and Training

SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES - Department of Sociology
19 Jun 2019 to 26 Jun 2019

The Summer School Plomari 2019 aims in providing students experiences that create personal and professional insight, awareness, and growth and thereby enhancing their ability to deliver client-centered, culturally responsive, and ethically competent counseling services.
Counselling, Education and Diversity is the Summer School  title, which is organised by the Sociology Department, University of the Aegean, in Plomari, 19-27 of June.
Training will focus on the crucial role of Counseling and Coaching interventions in modern challenges, generated by social phenomena, such as immigration, special needs, inclusive education etc
Students must:
•       demonstrate knowledge and competence in research design and the ability to critically evaluate and review current literature
•       Learn about the counseling profession and ethical practice in counseling
•       Become knowledgeable about social and cultural diversity, human growth and development
•      Be aware about helping relationships, counseling theories and the counseling process from individual, systems and positive psychology perspectives
•       Develop and demonstrate skills in addressing issues of diversity and providing advocacy
•       Apply both developmental and intervention models to the total development of students as unique individuals within educational settings
It’s a training activity aiming at the theoretical and empirical expertise of teachers, students and other scientists in the modern trends of Counseling in the fields of Special Education and Intercultural Education.
In particular, it aims at approaching modern principles and techniques of communicative teaching methods that can be applied to people with different communication, emotional and educational needs, individual learning rhythms, skills or cultural references (religion, customs, habits, values, etc.) in order to be able to respond effectively to their real educational needs and expectations.