EU Cohesion and Governance. Cultural dynamics and regional perspectives - GovArt2021

SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES - Department of Sociology
19 Jul 2021 to 24 Jul 2021

The title of the Summer School for July 2021 is "European Governance and EU Cohesion". The main objective of the Summer School is the contribution of the European Union to the international debate on governance, which is based on the democratization of the decision-making process.

The Summer School program this year will seek to link the European Union as an international player with European Governance and its stakeholders (institutions, Member States, non-state actors, actors in the broad public sphere) and the formation of direct political institutions between the EU Cohesion and the EU Multilevel Governance.

Europe has always been a major global player on a range of issues of general interest. This position gives the EU the opportunity to participate in the international governance debate with a significant contribution: support for the establishment of governance, which is appropriate for every society in the world and responds to the challenges of the 21st century, can renew the EU Cohesion policy and provide a privileged area for coordinating the actions of the EU partners.

Particular emphasis will be given to the cultural dimension and the influence 
it has on EU cohesion policy, but also to the way in which the various EU structural 
policies support the cultural dimension  of European integration.

The Summer School, offering a multitude of teaching and learning methods, consisting of highly interactive activities (seminars, workshops, round tables, panels etc.) takes place in July at the island of Oinouses (Region of North Aegean Sea). Its main objective is to provide an in depth analysis of the meaning and applications of European governance and the EU Cohesion Policy.

The group of collaborating professors with excellent teaching and research experience in this area constitutes a safeguard for the success of the objectives of the Summer School. 

This year's Summer School offers 3 ECTS to the participants who will complete the attendance of the Summer School and the final examination process.