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SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES - Department of Sociology
23 Aug 2020 to 28 Aug 2020
  • Hostel of Maritime Lyceum at Oinousses
  • Transportation: We travel from Athens to Chios Island with Olympic Airways or Sky Express.
  • We travel from Chios to Oinousses (from Oinousses daily except Sunday at 08:00am and from Chios: Monday at 14:00pm, Tuesday at 11:00am, Wednesday at 12:00pm, Thursday at 14:00pm, Friday at 12:00pm and Saturday at 14:00pm) by ferry or by sea taxi
  • Oinousses is located 9 nautical miles away from the Town of Chios and can be reached within an hour by ferry, which operates routes. The ferry accepts vehicles too, although the distances in the island are small and pleasant. Another way to reach the island is by sea taxis, which operate daily, departing from Lagada (Chios island). If you choose the sea taxi to get to Oinousses you will reach there within approximately 20 minutes. About the travel between Chios and Oinousses, please contact Travel Agency “Sunrise” at Chios Island, tel. +30.22710.29.292.
  • We travelled also from Piraeus (10 hours) or Mytilene (4 hours) by ferry / Hellenic Seaways directly to Oinousses island.
  • About the itineraries from Piraeus there is a ferry boat (until 7.6.2020) each Tuesday at 16:30pm and each Friday at 20:00pm;

from Mytilene are provided itineraries each Wednesday at 05:25am and each Tuesday at 18:00am;

from Oinousses to Piraeus each Tuesday at 22:10am and each Thursday at08:45am;

from Oinousses to Mytilini each Wednesday at 06:35am and each Saturday at 04:55am.

  • ορηγοί/ Sponsors- Supporters: North Aegean Sea Region, Municipality of Oinousses