e‑Business - eBiz2017

SCHOOL OF SCIENCES - Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering
18 Jul 2017 to 24 Jul 2017

Drosos Dimitris

Assistant Professor, U. Aegean

Dimitris Drossos holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from the University of Crete, an MSc with Distinction in E-commerce from the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) and a PhD degree form the Department of Management Science and Technology at AUEB. Mobile marketing and advertising effectiveness are his central points of research and other interests focus on m-commerce technologies and services. He has been involved in several European and National research projects. In the past he worked in several companies with diverse research domains including Hellenic National Meteorological Service, University of Crete net (UCnet), IP Datacom & Services Ericsson Stockholm, Atlantis Group Univ. of Crete, and Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (ICS-FORTH).

Expertise: Web Startups & Digital Marketing

Moulos Thodoris

CEO GrowthRocks Group


Theodore has over 15- years experience in running successful and profitable software products. Currently, he is the group CEO of growthrocks and viral-loops. Before turning totally into growth-hacking and viral marketing, he used to run, from various positions COO, CEO, BoD member Pinnatta mobile app with 1.5 million downloads. During his free time, he coaches and consults startups. His career includes managerial posts for companies both in Greece and abroad and he has significant skills on intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship. One of his major career achievements was creating “i-docs” an international product in Customer Communication Management and “segmatiX”, a product on marketing automation which very quickly found traction in important markets in Europe. Furthermore he is very experienced on investors’ related issues, team formation, team management. He has also broad experience in enterprise applications like ERP, CRM etc and delivering complex projects in large organizations.


Dallas Vicky

Founder & CEO of 9AM



Koutsampasis Panayiotis

Assistant Professor, Aegean

PhD (2002) in HCI and Information Systems from the Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering, University of the Aegean; MSc (1997) and Degree (1995) in Information Systems from the Department of Information Systems, Athens University of Economics and Business. Research interests are wide-ranging, including: HCI design and evaluation methods and approaches; user experience studies (usability, accessibility, collaboration, aesthetics, etc.); education and HCI; natural HCI (gestures, gaze, voice, kinaesthetic, etc.); intelligent and personalised interaction; systems thinking in HCI design; in application areas like e-commerce, e-learning, virtual worlds and design support.


Modestos Stavrakis

Assistant Professor, Aegean

Modestos Stavrakis is a Researcher/Lecturer in the Department of Products and Systems Design Engineering at the University of the Aegean. He holds a PhD in Design from the same university, an MSc in Computer Aided Graphical Technology Applications and a BA(hons) in C.Visualisation from the University of Teesside (UK). He worked as a researcher in the areas of interaction design, multimedia design, 3D modelling, virtual reality installations design, collaborative systems design for supporting design processes and the development of assistive technologies (VR and web) related to the support of visually impaired. His research has led to the co-authoring of journals and conference publications and book chapters in the areas of Interaction Design, User Experience Design, HCI, computer aided collaborative design, web information systems, computer assistive technologies, virtual reality, digital media design, digital arts and distance/e-learning.