Knights Hospitallers in the Aegean: History and Archaeology - Medieval2020

SCHOOL OF HUMANITIES - Department of Mediterranean Studies
13 Jul 2020 to 22 Jul 2020

The main aim of the course is to prepare students who are interested in learning more about the history of the Knights Hospitaller with a view to further study. A secondary aim is to inform undergraduate students at universities that do not offer courses in the crusades or military orders. It is especially relevant for students who are pursuing or wish to pursue research on the Hospitallers at postgraduate level. The course is held over nine days and is comprised of lectures, seminars, presentations, research walks and excursions. The content covers the Hospitallers’ origins, history on Rhodes and first years on Malta and is delivered in situ in order to better understand their past using both history and archaeology.

This is a nine-day course conducted in English. Participants who complete the course get a certificate of attendance and 3 ECTS credits.