Knights Hospitallers in the Aegean: History and Archaeology - Medieval2020

SCHOOL OF HUMANITIES - Department of Mediterranean Studies
13 Jul 2020 to 22 Jul 2020

12 January 2020: The Application Form is now live, so you may apply through the form on this website.

30 January 2020: Students have already submitted their application forms - don't miss your chance.

1 March 2020: Only two months left to register.

13 March 2020: Despite the outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), we still intend to run the course. Up to date, there have been no cases of the virus on Rhodes, the University is on a hill near to, but outside, the main town and the lecture rooms are large and well-aired. There have been very few cases of the virus in Greece as a whole and the Greek government has acted swiftly to combat it spreading. In other words, you will be coming to as safe an environment as there can be in such circumstances.

29 April 2020: The Summer School planned for this July has been cancelled due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. However we intend to hold it next year (July 2021) and this will be advertised on the University's Summer School pages in the Autumn semester of this year.