Knights Hospitallers in the Aegean: History and Archaeology - Medieval2020

SCHOOL OF HUMANITIES - Department of Mediterranean Studies
13 Jul 2020 to 22 Jul 2020

Mandraki Harbour, the old town walls and Grand Master's Palace

 View of the medieval moat looking towards Amboise Gate

 View of the moat near Carretto Bastion

The old town walls by the Hospitallers' main harbour. It was also the commercial harbour

St. Catherine's Church

Icon from Holy Trinity Church in the Burgh

The old town walls, the Tower of France and Acandia Harbour, the scene of heavy fighting in the 1480 siege

The Hospitaller Hospice of St. Catherine

St. Nicholas Tower, a crucial defensive structure that protected Mandraki and the main harbour in the 1480 siege

The Mole of the Mills & Tower of France

Windmills at Mandraki Harbour & St. Nicholas Tower

Villeneuve Gate (Marine Gate)

Amboise Gate

The moat, walls and Grand Master's Palace

The Grand Master's Palace

Entrance to the Grand Master's Palace

Street of the Knights

The Hospitallers' new hospital, which opened in 1483

Our Lady of the Castle Church

Interior view of Our Lady of the Castle Church during renovation

One of the many fascinating backstreets of Rhodes old town

The medieval moat

The moat, Carretto Bastion & Acandia Harbour

Our Lady of Philerimos Church

Icon of praying Hospitaller knight from St. George Chostas Church, Mount Philerimos

Icon of Our Lady from Apollona Church, with Grand Master d'Aubusson's coat of arms

Pheraklos Castle, Charaki

Lindos Castle

Monolithos Castle

All photographs above by Simon Phillips