International Conference and Summer School on Extended Arts - XARTS2023

SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING - Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering
1 Jul 2023 to 9 Jul 2023

International Conference and Summer School on Extended Arts – XARTS 2023


Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering - 1 Jul 2023 to 9 Jul 2023 at Syros-Ermoupolis


Co-organised by the Interactive Systems Design Lab (University of the Aegean) and CITU - PARAGRAPHE (University of Paris 8) in the framework of the European University ERUA


XARTS 2023 International Conference proposes an overview of the History and Praxis of Computer Animation in a two-day symposium preceding the Summer School on Extended Arts. An Open Call for Presentations will give the opportunity to the international Research community to present recent research work together with expert presentations by invited speakers. The topics of the Conference include Early and recent developments in the History of Computer Animation by country (USA, France, UK, Japan, Greece), a tribute to Pixar’s impact in computer animation worldwide, Pioneering Applications in Large Screen, Immersive and Interactive formats, and the use of Motion capture in Transmedia Character Design.


XARTS 2023 Summer School proposes intensive workshops on new media technologies for artistic projects. Using mainly open-source software, implementing interactive systems and advanced embodiment interfaces, artists may design integrated works of art.

Participants in the Summer School must propose an idea or concept for such an integrative artistic project. During the Summer School the participant's project will be implemented as a working prototype.

Extending the perception of the artist concerning the new media possibilities, transforming this into creative practice, are the main goals of XARTS 2023 Summer School workshops. Extending Arts applies to the whole design process. Extending content for instance may be supported by Games narratives, hybrid creative approaches, multimodal interfaces, Immersive User Experience, Open-Source coding, Strategic networking with the public and the artistic community.

Participants will split in groups of 4-5 persons to design and implement collective works during afternoon workshops. A special attention will be given to the integration of Motion Capture techniques in all morning workshop tutorials: Motion capture for actors and dancers, Motion capture for Designers and artists, Motion Capture for Animators and technical Directors, Integrating Motion capture in Games and Animation. The groups will be formed after presentation and analysis of the proposed concepts during the Groups formation workshop.