International Conference and Summer School on Extended Arts - XARTS2023

SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING - Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering
1 Jul 2023 to 9 Jul 2023

Registration Fees are defined at 200 euros per participant (100 euros for ERUA participants). They give access to all conference and summer school facilities including daily lunch breaks and 3 dinners offered by the sponsors of XARTS2023.(see the Programme section).

A limited number of Grants is available upon request. You should address your request to the official XARTS 2023 Administration email:

How to Apply

All Conference and Summer School Participants must apply via the official Application Form section. You will need to upload a short CV (there is no template for that) and a document containing your contribution (optional). The document is needed if you aspire to be Conference Presenter or Summer School Project Proposer. Up to 10 proposed projects will be collectivelly implemented as prototypes during the intensive workshops of XARTS 2023 Summer School. The prototypes will be exhibited, presented and evaluated during the last weekend of XARTS 2023 International Conference and Summer School. 

Intended Conference contributors must ask first for the Abstract template via the official XARTS 2023 Administration email:

Intended Summer School Project Proposers may ask for the XARTS 2023 Design Document template via the official XARTS 2023 Administration email:

Project Proposals are anyway accepted in any concise form. You do not have to use the template if you have already a nice presentation of your project.

How to Register

Your Application will be evaluated by the Scientific Organizing Committee. In case of acceptance you will receive a formal notification to register. The amount of registration fees will be also indicated in the acceptance message (200, 100, or 0 euros depending on your affiliation to ERUA Universities and/or Grant Approval). Your Registration will be effective only with payment of Ragistration Fees before the deadline provided by the Administration of XARTS 2023. In case of non acceptance of your application you will receive a refusal message to your email.