International Conference and Summer School on Extended Arts - XARTS2023

SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING - Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering
1 Jul 2023 to 9 Jul 2023

International Conference Presenters

Before sending your contributions for review, you should ask for the XARTS Abstract template via email.

Summer School Participants with Projects

A Design Document is available via email to those of you who would like to send a project for review. You can also send your concepts in free style document.

Only requests for the XARTS templates are accepted via email. All other documents must be uploaded during the formal application procedure.

All Participants

Requests for Registration Grants, information on ERUA procedures, Certificates of attendance, Attribution of 3 ECTS credits to European students, should be addressed to the official XARTS 2023 Administration email. The organizers of XARTS 2023 are not accepting accommodation and travel requests but they may provide guidance to registered participants, if needed, via email. 

XARTS2023 Administration email: